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Video: 3 Free Indoor Attractions for a Rainy Day in Edinburgh things to do in Edinburgh when the weather is bad

This video shows you three free indoor attractions in Edinburgh. They are perfect for a rainy day in Edinburgh.

Featuring the National Gallery of Scotland, the National Museum of Scotland and the Writers Museum in Edinburgh.

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Video: Greyfriars Kirkyard and Elephant House Cafe Graveyard Edinburgh Harry Potter Haunted Area Greyfriars

Here is another new video from our Edinburgh trip. You can see the Elephant House Cafe and the GreyfriarsKirkyard (graveyard). The graveyard became famous because it is believed to be one of the most haunted areas in Britain and JK Rowling apparently used some of the names of the graves as an inspiration for her book. She also used to go to the Elephant House Cafe to work on her first Harry…

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Video: The Scott Monument with Panoramic View of Edinburgh Best Edinburgh Viewpoints

Here is our latest video of Edinburgh. The video shows you the Scott Monument with great views of the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. It is a must see sight on a clear day! (unless you are suffering from severe fear of heights or claustrophobia) The entrance fee is GBP 4.00.

Location: Princes Street Gardens East, near Waverley Station, Edinburgh

Click here to visit the website of Edinburgh Museums…

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